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Here’s the latest from the Federal Housing Finance Authority’s report on price appreciation.  They track 241 markets across the country.  These are the one-year price growth numbers for the Colorado cities on their list:

  • Boulder = 6.14%
  • Colorado Springs = 9.18%
  • Denver = 6.97%
  • Fort Collins = 6.43%
  • Greeley = 7.06%

So, even though the pace of sales is going down, prices overall are still going up.

Even in today’s growing market, we do notice that in certain price ranges, in certain locations, sellers are having to reduce their price to attract offers on their homes.

What we know is that all markets are local and there are trends that occur on a micro level that sometimes differ than the overall macro trends.

If you are curious to know what the value of your home is in today’s market, I’d be happy to show that to you.

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Remember When…


With lots of focus on the presidential election it got us thinking about the last time we were getting ready to elect the leader of the free world.

Do you remember what you were doing in 2012? Back when Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were the candidates…

Do you remember what the real estate market was like? As it turns out, there is a $100,000 difference.

Here’s a walk down memory lane to real estate in 2012.

Average price of a home in Greeley = $170,500 (almost $100K less than today)

Average price of a home in Windsor = $297,800 (also $100K less than today)

Average price of home in Fort Collins = $259,994 (yep, $100K less than today)

Here’s the deal- in every case the price increase in 4 years has been almost exactly $100,000 in each community!

This is a pretty awesome place to own real estate!

Wonder where prices will be in another four years? Contact me to get my take on the market.

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Windermere Investment Kit

Check out this GREAT video about buying Investment Properties! Let me know if you have any quesitons or would like further explanation.  



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