BlogFun Facts June 14, 2021

Colorado Ranking

Here’s the latest from one of our favorite data sources – the Federal Housing Finance Authority (FHFA).

They track home prices across the Country and produce a quarterly Home Price Index report.

It is not uncommon to find Colorado near the top of the list for year over year price growth.

The latest report has us ranked 13th with only a 13% year over year increase (said with sarcasm).

Idaho is first with a whopping 24% increase. Utah is second at 19%.

Here is our interpretation of these numbers…

Colorado has a history of strong, steady price growth instead of booms and busts.

Our market does not take the big, wild swings in prices that other markets sometimes do.

The fact that Colorado is not at the very top of the list right now is actually good news to us.

We know that our clients appreciate a market that is more steady instead of one that can feel like a rollercoaster.