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Farmhouse Interior Design

Known for its signature chic comfort, the farmhouse style is a popular method of interior design for homeowners looking to blend elements of modern and traditional design. With a rustic charm at its heart that recalls images of the countryside and wide-open landscapes, the farmhouse style steadily picked up steam in the 2010s and continues to grow in the 2020s. The following information is a guide to understanding the characteristics that make up the farmhouse style and how you can translate them into your home.

What is farmhouse style?

The farmhouse style predominantly uses a white/grey/beige color palette which provides a foundation for complementing elements and brighter colors. Against this clean backdrop, rustic materials can really shine. Exposed wood beams of timber or reclaimed wood, shiplap, and wrought iron are materials typically used help to round out the aesthetic, creating that rural-with-a-touch-of-modern feeling that the farmhouse style is known for. These combinations create a sense of openness and simplicity in the spaces where they’re used. In the kitchen, the farmhouse style feels clean and inviting; in the living room, it beckons members of the household and guests alike to sit back and relax; and in the dining room, it creates the perfect setting for enjoying a meal together.


A farmhouse style kitchen with white surfaces, exposed beams, and wood accents.

Image Source: Shutterstock – Image Credit: Breadmaker


How to Decorate in a Farmhouse Style

When it comes to furniture, there are specific choices you can make that will help reinforce your personal farmhouse style. Functionality is a core principle of farmhouse design, exemplified by its use of reclaimed and found materials. When looking at furniture, tune your radar to pieces that are simple and functional rather than ornate and complex. Farmhouse’s warmth contrasts the colder feel of minimalism, so when thinking about texture, know that you’re not bound to selecting only the cleanest possible lines—feel free to experiment! With natural elements like stone and wood already providing a varied blend of textures, you can afford to be bold in your choice of throw pillows, blankets, carpeting, and furniture set pieces.

The farmhouse style will give you license to decorate with antiques and vintage materials. Items like armoires, wooden iceboxes, and vanities will find a fitting home among your complementary decorative items. With a prevalence of wood, choose grain patterns and wood tones that complement each other well without clashing. Clutter can get in the way of the coziness that the farmhouse style naturally evokes, so it’s important to keep your main living areas well maintained to truly let your home’s interior design flourish.

With the farmhouse style, it all comes back to comfort. If you’re looking to make the spaces in your home more comfortable, either fully adopting or borrowing from the farmhouse style may be just the ticket. For more helpful tips on home design, read our blog post on how to upgrade your bedroom:

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