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Blog Gardner Report – Market Analysis Check out the latest Gardner Report below with information and stats on the Northern Colorado Real Estate Market! You can download the 4-page PDF here: Gardner Report PDF Download The following analysis of the Metro Denver and Northern Colorado real estate market is provided by Windermere Real Estate Chief Economist Matthew Gardner. We hope that this […]
Blog Signs of Slowing? An article in last week’s Denver Post about the Metro Denver market cooling off has prompted questions from our clients. Is the same thing happening in Northern Colorado? Are the Larimer and Weld County markets showing signs of slowing? Here’s the deal… The Denver Post article points to the difference in number of transactions between […]
Blog The Wellington Explosion What if we told you there is a real estate market that has seen a 300% increase in sales volume in only 5 years? What if we told you that market was right in our back yard? The market is Wellington and what is happening there is extraordinary. Because price increases in Fort Collins have […]
Blog A History Lesson The national homeownership rate is a very interesting statistic to track. It is simply the percentage of households in the country which are owned by the occupant (versus rented). Did you know that during the 30 years between 1965 and 1995 the homeownership rate stayed between 63% and 66%?  Then everything changed as government policies […]
Blog Now What? The Federal Reserve raised their benchmark interest rate 0.25% this week. So what does this mean for real estate? Some perspective is in order… First, mortgage rates are not directly tied to the Fed Funds rate. They are, however, closely tied to the 10-year Treasury. While the Fed was raising their rates this week, mortgage […]
Blog The Results Are In! You’ve probably heard that prices are up in Northern Colorado Another source just confirmed this. The Federal Housing Finance Authority recently released their quarterly report on 260 metropolitan markets across the country. Get this, Colorado has 4 cities ranked in the top 15 for yearly price growth.  Northern Colorado is well-represented on this list. 11th […]
Blog Luxury Market Spotlight So how’s the luxury market? Let’s look… Today there are 88 single family homes for sale in Larimer and Weld County priced at $1 Million and above. Over the last year, 63 of these properties have sold. This means it would take 17 months to sell all of these luxury properties at the current pace […]
Blog Northern Colorado Real Estate Forecast Spring selling season is right around the corner.  We are seeing the activity buzz starting already in the market.  If you missed our Forecast event we held in January, we have put together a quick recap video for you to review.  Click on the video below to hear more! Additional questions?  Let me know!
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Blog Is Fort Collins the Next Boulder? The hottest question we get in Northern Colorado is this “do you think Fort Collins is the next Boulder?” Let’s look closely at that question and start with what is similar. They are both beautiful college towns nestled against the foothills. They both have affordability issues which push real estate buyers to satellite communities (what […]
Blog Stadium Impact? Today we are looking at one of the hot topics in Northern Colorado. Is the new CSU football stadium impacting real estate values in the surrounding neighborhoods? The answer, based on the research we’ve done so far, is… yes! Here are the details… We looked at the residential properties in the 1-mile radius surrounding the […]
Blog Our Crystal Ball Last week Windermere’s Chief Economist Matthew Gardner joined us for our annual Market Forecast events in Colorado. We were pleased to host over 500 customers at two events in Denver and Fort Collins. Here are some of the big takeaways that we shared: Interest rates will increase to 4.6% by the end of the year […]
Blog Remember When… With lots of focus on the presidential election it got us thinking about the last time we were getting ready to elect the leader of the free world. Do you remember what you were doing in 2012? Back when Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were the candidates… Do you remember what the real estate market […]
Blog Signs of Slowing It's not just temperatures cooling off as we transition from summer to fall, there are signs that the market is cooling as well. The numbers are in and both Loveland and Fort Collins had their slowest August in several years. Loveland had 127 single family home sales last month. This is 16% lower than August […]
Blog August Housing Report Low housing supply continues to be the headline for the current market conditions.  Curious to see the full picture of what the Real Estate Market in Northern Colorado did last month?  Click HERE to get the full report.
Blog Colorado’s Home Appreciation With the Olympics stoking the spirit of competition, we took at look at how Colorado stacks up against the other states when it comes to real estate prices. Our impartial judge for the competition is the Federal Housing Finance Authority who tracks close to 300 real estate markets all over the country. For this competition we are […]
Blog The Estes Park Mountain Market With fall right around the corner many of us will be trekking up to Estes Park to see the Aspen leaves turning. As you drive through Estes you may wonder "how's the mountain market?" Here are some fun facts about real estate in Estes Park. The average price today is $394,046 – not that different than […]
Blog Door Opens for Buyers After a very active (to say the least) spring and summer, the door has now opened for buyers in our market. Buyers who were frustrated during the first half of the year with low inventory and bidding wars now realize a better environment. It's time to step off the sidelines and take a fresh look […]
Blog Seasonal Slowdown August marks the end of the busy real estate selling season and the beginning of the traditional seasonal slowdown in our market. The four months of April, May, June and July tend to produce 45% of the year's total sales. This is based on looking back at 5 years of data. If 2016 holds true […]
Blog Versus Boulder When it comes to real estate, many say that Fort Collins is the "next Boulder." Let's look at the 2016 numbers* and do a little side-by-side of Fort Collins versus Boulder. The Fort Collins average price is less than half of Boulder's ($355,000 versus $890,000) Fort Collins has 4 times as many transactions (1,108 versus […]